Cruising Sails

Around the coast or around the world.

Cruising should be safe and enjoyable and we at Sanders are keen to assist in achieving this goal. We can provide expert advice on all manner of sail handling systems to assist you in achieving maximum enjoyment from your yacht.

Our cruising sails are designed to deliver that optimal combination of performance, durability and ease of use, whether you’re a seasonal professional or a fair-weather sailor – we can make the sails that best suit you.

Performance Woven

Sanders woven cross cut sails are built with the best quality premium Dacron’s. Using fabrics made with a tightly woven, high tenacity yarn and built in UV protection properties, given you greatly improved durability with your sail.

Cruising Laminates

Offering a variety of the highest fibre yarns, including Carbon, Kevlar and Technora; Sanders are able to offer the best of both crosscut and radial laminates. All of which can be supplied with a light taffeta option giving additional durability and abrasion resistance.

Cruising Membrane

Using our in-house design software, we can construct a bespoke sail using the highest quality yarns to suit your boat. With internal and external taffeta options, we have the ability to customise your needs giving you both performance and durability. The ultimate sail for the Performance Cruiser.