Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Here at Sanders we recognise the negative impact businesses can have on the environment and we are dedicated to reducing our own ‘foot print’ on the world by working closely with local companies and organisations.


Oarsum – Giving sails a second life


We have an incredible relationship with Judy and her team at Oarsum, where all of our used and discarded woven sails under 10oz cloth are taken away and recycled into a range of personalised gifts; including bags, accessories and furniture. Since we started working with the team at Oarsum in 2018, we have been able to reduce our sail waste by more than half.

We are delighted to announce that this partnership, in conjunction with several other initiatives listed below – we have not put one single woven or membrane sail into our bins.

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Doing Our Bit for the Environment…


We understand our role to help promote sustainable commuting into work and with public transport being less than ideal into Lymington, we have invested in electric charging points and electric company vehicles.

We have also promoted the cycle to work scheme where 75% of staff have bought a new bike through, which, along with reducing the number of cars, has encouraged a healthier lifestyle.

Trinity’s Big Sleep Out 2023


We were delighted to offer our services to ‘Salon Sustainability’, whose aim is to embrace the hairdressing industry from freelances, to small and medium sized salons right up to super salons while encouraging the power of recycling and a cleaner environment. It was fantastic to hear that they wanted to take this renewable thinking and get involved with the “Big Sleep Out” in Winchester where renewable materials are used to make homes outside, helping to raise awareness for homelessness in the surrounding areas.

We helped make sleeping bags and we have heard that early initial reports suggest that upwards of £30,000 has been raised towards this incredible charity.

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Purpose Party, Portsmouth


We are delighted to be working with Jaimie Harris and Paul Coverdale in support of the first Purpose Party in Portsmouth Docks. With the mission statement of bringing together some of the most impactful, sustainable businesses, organisations and creative changemakers in the South to one location, the Purpose Party is like no other. We know the importance of community and it is at the core of our business thinking.

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