What our customers say

“Just to let you know that I took the boat out yesterday, first time this year, with the new sails. Thank you and all your team for your excellent sails and service. One very happy client.”
Brian Dalby, Najad 380, April 2014

“Please tell Peter that we got many comments about boat speed especially upwind on Saturday at the YKN. We broke a pole in Race 2 and still came 7th (but would have been 2nd). Then completed races 3 and 4 ahead of Premier Flair and Flair IV. Overall 4th, behind Premier Flair in 3rd and Interceptor 2nd, but would have been 2nd to Salvo without broken pole. We are very pleased with the new sail.”
Steve Thompson, Elan 333 ‘Belvga’, April 2014

“We took 19 days for the ARC and were about 70th over the line in a fleet of 280, the weather conditions had been testing and all the boats ahead of us were bigger. The boat handled impeccably our best daily run was 217nm, down wind sails, especially the furling asymmetric, excellent. The mainsail was superb and thankfully nothing damaged! She will be shipped back to Southampton in May, will call in Lymington then. Thank you for being a superb sailmaker.”
Gareth Williams, Arcona 400 ‘Golondrina’, April 2014

“After a few hiccups I am just back on line in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily – and am able to let you know that your sails were awaiting me in the marina office when I called in last Friday morning. The winds were very light over the weekend and my wife and I were able to host the new sails on Sunday morning. All went well and they are a perfect fit. All in all an excellent service from you both – many thanks. I’ll be very happy to recommend Sanders Sails to anyone you wish to refer.”
Tim England, Beneteau Oceanis 40, May 2014
“Just a note to say I used my two new sails in anger for the first time at the weekend and they looked great. Very pleased with the way they set and they helped us win the race!”
Terry Hogg, MG 346 ‘Cordon Rouge’, May 2014
“Egor won class 4 in the RLymYC Spring Series. The new sails have made a huge difference and transformed the performance of the boat. They were great ‘straight out of the bag’. Thanks to you and all of your team for the great product and for building them at such short notice at the wrong time of the year!!”
Robert Weguelin, E Boat ‘Egor’, May 2014
“Greetings from the ferry. Sail looks good and rolls away perfectly. Thanks for your help and a good looking sail.”
Mike Booth, Beneteau 411 – In-boom Mainsail, May 2014
“Just a short note to thank you for my new genoa, I have been using it for several weeks now and it does everything you said it would, sets well and performs well when partially furled, thanks again.”
Tony Tubb, Dehler 34 ‘Horizon’, May 2014
“Very pleased with sail, excellent service from personal measuring to delivery perfect fit and quality”
Stephen Moody, Jaguar 27, May 2014
“I’m delighted by the new mainsail & stack pack that your firm has made for me! Fitted nicely, worked like a dream, and quality is superb. I was also impressed by the way that you liaised with Jerry Henwood in Gosport to arrange everything. Between the two of you, I was in safe hands. I will definitely be back for a new genoa and gennaker as soon as the budget allows!”
Chris Cleave, Westerly Konsort ‘Pegatha’, June 2014
“Sail collected and fitted over the weekend. Fitted perfectly, so many thanks for your first class service! You get my recommendation and happy to pass on our experience to other sailors.”
Jon and Lesley, Moody 31 ‘Meerkat’, June 2014
“We’ve just arrived in Milford Haven from Cardiff via Padstow. The genoa has been a spectacular success – it is a different boat: Much more drive at all wind speeds and keeps a perfect shape with only minor trimming adjustments required. We now go faster than boats that previously left us standing. I’ve not used the jib yet in any heavy weather yet but it looks good when up. You make nice sails and I will wholeheartedly recommend you to all the sailors I mix with. Thank you very much.”
David Harrison, Beneteau 473, June 2014
“I am just dropping you this quick e-mail to say how very please both Dad and I are with the sails, we have only used the boat for a couple of weekend so-far, but we had a lovely sail down to Chausey last weekend and she is pointing higher and faster than she has for a long-time.”
Michael Allo, S/Y ‘Inversanda’, June 2014
“Thank you, the sail is excellent and the furling system works very well. There is no problem working it from the cockpit and with the loops on the bottom of the stanchions there is no need for lead blocks or a block at the cockpit end – this helps to keep the friction down. The lock on the furler is very good. Thanks for your help and advice with it – a very good result. I can see you would be there a while using the same system on a 50 footer though!”
Dan from Malo Yachts, June 2014
“We just wanted to let you know that we put the new Genoa on Syrah last weekend and it is perfect. We are very pleased and thank you for another good job!”
Rob Barton, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 ‘Syrah’, June 2014
“Many thanks for the sails for ‘Adelie’ the First 260. I went out on Sunday and they fit perfectly and set really nicely, the way the boat sails upwind is transformed.”
Rob Salter, First 260, ‘Adelie’, June 2014
“Had great first day, definitely fast and high. The medium clew just fitted into the car as the mast was at max rake so it couldn’t have been any larger! The main looked a glamour.”
Andy Ash-Vie, 6 Metre ‘Wildcat’ 94, June 2014
“Eclipse came 1st in class, 2nd in division and 9th overall on Sanders 7 year old sails! (Performance that lasts!)”
Brian Snelgrove, UFO 27 ‘Eclipse’, July 2014
“I visited my boat last night and there was the cockpit cover! It is great, I really do marvel at how Tony converts a set of measurements and templates into something like that.”
Andrew Thomas, Beneteau 343 ‘Aurora’, July 2014
“Just to thank you for the work you did on the Scow sail it’s superb! This sail must have been very small fry to you but looking at the wonderful job you have made of it one would never think so. My thanks again.”
Maggie Rees, Scow, July 2014
“Thanks very much for your efforts with our new Yankee. It’s very impressive to respond so well at such short notice. We’ve had a good South Brittany cruise and it’s worked well all the time. Many thanks again for a first class service.”
Jonno Barrett, Holman 41.4 ‘Whirlaway’, July 2014
“Dear Peter, Sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner, been ill but now thankfully better. We took 19 days for the ARC and were about 70th over the line in a fleet of 280, the weather conditions had been testing and all the boats ahead of us were bigger. The boat handled impeccably our best daily run was 217nm, down wind sails, especially the furling asymmetric, excellent. The mainsail was superb and thankfully nothing damaged! She will be shipped back to Southampton in May, will call in Lymington then. Thank you for being a superb sailmaker.”
Gareth “Golondrina”
“The sails are absolutely magnificent, she sails like a different boat and the set is flawless.”
Robert Court, Najad 440 “Soundwave”
“What with a new knee, a winter of miserable weather, then doing my back in its taken forever to sort out my rigging and fit Susanna’s new sails But at last we got her out sailing last Saturday. With a somewhat chilly NE3-4 she sailed beautifully, much lighter on the helm, touching 7 knots atone point and with the deck still above water. We gave chase to a friend in his Nigel Irens designed Roxanne, with the tall lateen rig. Admittedly he didn’t have his mizzen up but within 2 miles we’d caught and passed him. A very enjoyable experience! That was without the staysail as I couldn’t get it to set well and we haven’t scrubbed off since last summer, so all in all a good day. She definitely sails better upright! So thank you for the nice new sails, they look good and certainly work well. I may call you sometime to pick your brain regarding a new staysail and maybe something for light winds. Thanks again, I’ll be in touch.”
Dick Couture, 33’6″ Dallimore classic cutter
“Just to let you know that I took the boat out yesterday, first time this year, with the new sails. Thank you and all your team for your excellent sails and service. One very happy client.”
Brian Dalby, Najad 380
“The new set of sails for Vagabundo II are Terrific! Yesterday she won the right to Challenge “Mariella” (Mylne/Fife) 80′ yawl by beating the Blue Peter (Mylne) and Dione (Fife). Today she lost to Mariella by only 4 minutes on a course that was also changed at the last minute to advantage Mariella. I was not on board, but I was told that the sails were very very powerful. And older guests on Mariella congratulated Robbie on the phenomenal amount of sails V2 could carry in 35 knots of wind and 10 ft waves and admitted that Mariella was struggling to open the gap and that they had been worried the whole race as they could not shake off Vagabundo. Tomorrow Antigua Classic week regattas will start, we’ll see what she can do (Vagabundo also won the “vintage” concours d’elegance) good two days! but good sails too.”
Amicalement P Philippe Fabre, Freers 48 “Vagabundo II”

Results from the Abu Dhabi Yachting Cup. “We had a clean sweep last weekend and won all 5 races in Class 1! Dubai – Muscat starting tomorrow!”
Doug Hassell, First 44.7

“Last night was the first sail with the new Genoa. Just like to thank you it’s beautiful. Only managed a 2nd place but as it was a light wind sail I’m really pleased. Thanks again.”
Martin Moody 28

“Just a quick note to say thank you for 2 superb sails. We tried them out recently and I have to say that it has totally transformed the boat. We had 2 reefs in to start with and the mainsail set to a perfect shape, we took off like a rocket! It also felt so much more controllable and safe. The measurements are absolutely perfect, to the inch, and the boom is now at a comfortable height. I would not have believed that it could make such a huge difference.”
Andrew Holder Jaguar 23
“I just wanted to let you let you know that the sail is wonderful, It fits perfectly and has been tested in good range of conditions from light airs to 45 knots. The detailing is beautiful as I expected it would be. The cover is great too Thank you.”
Frances and Krystina Snow Dragon II Frances Bran, Koopman 50
“I rang last week to let Kenna know I had received the sails. Yesterday I did the first bit of sailing with the all new stays, furlers and sails and it all went well. The sails themselves are beautiful and the boat performed even better than I had imagined. I just wanted to let you know that I’m one happy customer. Cheers for now!”
Mick Gwyn, Hans Christian 48
“Firstly, many apologies for the major delay in sending this mail! Thank you for our new main sail! It arrived a day early in Greece which was a great bonus. We have been using it during the last month as we travel across the Aegean towards Turkey and its great. Thanks again for such great service and quality. We are happy to recommend your sails to all and in fact we have been!”
Ian and Carole Clothier SY Maximilian Moody 47
“I had my first real sail today with the new genoa. You have excelled again!! It has made a considerable improvement in the sailing performance of the boat, much better balanced with more power and works well with 4 rolls in a good blow. I will give you a call next week to talk about the mainsail.”
Paul Tout, Hunter Channel 31
“Sails success for Folkdance in Folkboat Week. I’ve been meaning to email you to report our success with the sails you made for us which we have been using this year. We had 5 Firsts and 2 Seconds and a discarded disqualification to come first overall in the Cruiser class in Folkboat Week this year. We also came 4th and 5th in the two combined British Folkboat and Nordic Folkboat races. The photographer clipped the top off your sails but I think it gives you a good idea of the set in the one beating! Thank you”
Lyn Evans and Susan Rutter (proud owner) FB172
“Clean Sweep – Please to report that we achieved a clean sweep in the Poole YC Tuesday Evening Race series, with our third series win last night. Our first ever ‘hatrick’ ! Thanks for your continuing support!”
Ian Foster GBR 31R Elan 31 “Kudos”
“New jib. Peter, thank you very much for making my new jib so quickly. Amazing service from Sanders Sails. I won the first time I used it, and have had 4 second places since. Sets perfectly and you can feel the increased power in the boat. Pleased to see that so many MS’s have now got Sanders Sails, my seconds are behind Andrew McClymont’s MS 17 using his new suit of Sanders. I believe we now have 7 out of the 9 regular racing MS’s using Sanders sails. This year is the 75th anniversary of the MSOD club which is a special year for us and I’ m proud to be Commodore this year.”
Nick James, Menai Strait One Design
“Cowes. Tough week & very close at the end! Sails were brilliant. Good pace in all conditions unless I managed to slow us down! I’ll call for a debrief later in the week & drop in the cheque Thanks again.”
Kim Slater, XOD58 “Madelaine”
“Just wanted to drop you a note, picked up my sails on Saturday morning they fitted perfectly as did the covers. Even manages to get out for a sail, the slides make all the difference. Thanks for the great service.”
John Crocker, GK24
“YWDB Sails I thought you might like to see Avocet on her way to winning her first championship race in 30 years with the sails you made for me two years ago. This was the 5th Points series at Torbay in May this year in strong Force 5-6. I guess I should not have forgotten to rig the Cunningham judged by the wrinkles! And you may like to know that the second boat which was brand new, sported sails by B*** and crewed by youngsters half my age just could not keep up with Avocet to windward. Best regards and thanks for great sails.”
Tim Parkinson, Yachting World Dayboat

“Just a follow up note about the new self tacking jib you made for Wight Leopard. Sets really well and we are very pleased with it. Hopefully being made of Vektron it will stay like this for a long time unlike the N**** original. Thanks for a great job at a competitive price.”
George Shanks, Hanse 400
“A note of thanks to you and your staff for the new Genoa, it looks right and sets well! With your help we successfully retained the Owen Aisher Cup for first ISC SCOD, second DIV8 and 6th overall ISC. Thanks again.”
Simon Eveleigh SC59 Ngauruhoe South Coast One Design.
“We just had a brilliant Round the Island Race. With a Northerly wind we made the Needles on a single tack, putting up the asymmetric just before gybing round the back of the island and then blasted past many yachts at a steady 7-8 knots, hitting 10 kts at times (Garmin recorded our fastest speed as 11.5kts!). By St Catherine’s we were the second Beneteau 21, fast catching the leading boat in our fleet and having overtaken a brand new 21 (this year called the “20” in recognition of 20 years production of this excellent little racer). The new mainsail looks brilliant, especially combined with the matching headsail and sets really well. The two new reefing points and cunningham are great and all-in-all make Matilda fly. Thank you so much for a brilliant service and giving my boat such great performance”
Rene Chinnery, First 21.7 “Matilda”

“Just to let you know we went out with our new main at the weekend and are absolutely delighted. It sets beautifully and I am sure we were sailing faster! Thanks very much.”
James Moore Contessa 32 “Katinka”

“Just got back out to the boat here in Turkey. Managed to get the new sail on plane as sports equipment and today put up for first time. Perfect. Goes up the mast and comes down (since slides have intermediate ring) Looks perfect, Reefs well doesn’t hit the bimini, slides when reefed well away from the gate. Feels a bit heavy and large but we expect that will get easier to stow after it has flapped a bit. A great inprovement on the last which was over a meter out on the foot to start with. We have decided to take a taxi and dump the old one at the factory of E*******. I once wrote to the MD but he never even bothered to reply. Anyway he can have the useless heap of junk! Many thanks again.”
Peter and Gill Price. Moody 336 “Lectron”